vCAIRE - the client reporting suite with focus on personalisation

vCAIRE enables you to compose a report from predefined modules (as for example an asset allocation chart or a table of risk figures) with just a few clicks. Reports defined in this manner can then be personalised/individualized per client or client group and be ordered, produced and printed as required.

Configurator Orderer Programmer

For every step in the reporting process, the suite of closely interacting tools provides a well-suited environment.

Key features

  • Flexibility: maximum personalisation of mass reporting
  • Performance: Production of multiple-page reports within seconds
  • Functional maintainability: Administer configurations supported by tools
  • Technical maintainability: Use of standards like Java, J2EE, XML
  • Usability: User-friendly tools that are each optimised for one particular step in the reporting process.


BMPI's new reporting suite vCAIRE has been developed profiting from more than 10 years of experience with our successful product CAIRE.